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Looking for constructive criticism and advice!

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created 06/12/2019 4:24 pm by LilyLock
last reply 06/13/2019 2:48 pm
I've been looking for a seed that spawns me directly in the middle of a lot of biomes so that I have lots of options for survival. I finally found it in 1.14.2, and it's PERFECT for building. You spawn in a plains biome, with jungle, spruce, desert, taiga, and normal birch/oak forest all within walking distance. I decided I'd recreate the world in creative too so I could do some fooling around with some builds, and I need help on how I could improve my first house build. I want to build a small town, nothing too advanced or industrial, lots of farmers and old-timers. I started with a big wheat field, and then tried to build my version of a farm house. Building it, I knew I wanted to incorporate jungle wood, because that is the resource nearest to the house. I didn't take pictures of interior, because I am not too great at interior, although I don't hate the outside. Is there anything I can do to improve this, or should I leave it as is? Did I detail too much, or can I use different blocks in certain spots? Help please!!

Also, I need to include, this entire build is inspired from TheMythicalSausage's builds on YT. I took his diagonal concept and threw in a bit of a boxy two story house with it, just my own twist on one of his designs. There's a shed attached to the house on the left side, just another one of his designs I decided I'd mesh all three together.
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4 replies

06/13/2019 6:32 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
A lot depends on what you want from the build/world…

For survival mode, this need more lighting, fencing (or walls), a non-falmable roof (lightning), etc.
While the terraced fields are an interesting look, flat fields are more efficient (as is growing crops in alternate rows).
[Lighting the fields (eg by putting torches on floating blocks) so crop growth continues at night will also increase output.]

Thanks to the MobB spawn mechanics moving the fileds and animal pens[? at left] under protective roofs so they can be safely worked at night is also recomended.

On the other hand, if the intended use is in creative/peaceful modes, you've got a nice looking farmhouse… maybe add an animal shed or two (or a barn)… possibly a melon patch….
06/13/2019 2:48 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Farmer
I'll definitely take all that into consideration, thanks for the help!
06/12/2019 5:02 pm
Level 41 : Master Professor
Peridot XJ9
This looks really good! The only thing I'd have to say about it is that the dirt could be replaced with some other material, but other than that, this survival house looks great. :3
06/12/2019 4:56 pm
Level 26 : Expert Scribe
better than I could do.

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